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Our Aim

Today, the value of a work of art following its creation is very much influenced by the mode of its presentation to its audience. A work of art is indeed produced and presented through a collective effort. The value of a work in the art market is ultimately the outcome of the consensus among the actors of the art business, including art curators, galleries, and critics. Accordingly, taking advantage of the opportunities emerging in the growing trade of visual arts requires the adoption of a clear cut and precise approach.

Sateen International Contemporary West Asian Art Fair seeks to provide a forum for artists and those involved and interested in visual arts through a comprehensive review of the latest views, themes, and works of art raised by artists, curators, and gallery owners, all aimed at discovering newly emerging talents. The Art Fair further holds sessions for museum directors, curators, artists, and critics to engage in dialogue and discussion and introduce, promote, and sell artworks.

While the Art Fair embarks upon highlighting the works of West Asian artists, it looks to the world beyond to consolidate not only cultural ties but also the art economy with all its diversities. In doing so, it seeks an influential and decisive role in a healthy art economy and benefits from the capacity of the Iranian-Islamic art and culture at the global level to pave the way for supporting art and artists.

Nowadays, art and cultural events take up a sizeable share of the financial turnover and the generation of economic added value in different countries. As a result, cultural capital has risen in both extent and prominence while economic, political, and social capital is transforming into cultural capital. To this end, we believe that the means of sale and purchase in the art market must remain as novel and spectacular as the art itself and boost sales through an accurate understanding of the process and system of valuation, the themes and views of critics, and the method and degree of relations with intermediaries.

We look forward to establishing a strong link among artists, curators, galleries, and collectors through their participation and playing a determining role in creating dialogue and intellectual exchange among the artists taking part.

Our goal is to provide access to art for everyone. We intend to create more appropriate opportunities for the presentation of the works which have not enjoyed the chance to be displayed in other art fairs easily. To this end, the application of new online communication technology would bear a significant stance. 

Pedram Khosronejad

Curator and Secretary

Sateen International Contemporary West Asian Art Fair