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The first exhibition of the Iranian culture history

Sateen Art Institute plans to hold the first exhibition of Iranian culture history in Kish Island with the cooperation of the National Park of Science, Soft Technologies and Cultural Industries. This exhibition will be held annually. Some of the features of this exhibition are mentioned in below.


  • The objectives of holding the exhibition of Iranian culture history

Culture is a collective heritage that is formed during the history of a land and is passed on to the next generations. If the culture is presented correctly, it will be a source of pride and it will improve living in different areas, especially if the culture can be presented extraterritoriality in the right conditions. Holding annual exhibition of the Iranian culture history in Kish Island and near the Arab countries of the region can provide an opportunity for Iran's culture and art to share cultural assets with neighboring countries. This exhibition can create a good opportunity for the presence of tourists from neighboring countries in the form of visitors and buyers in Kish Island. Bilateral cultural interaction between Iranian, Omani, Russian, etc. participants in this exhibition can provide a unique opportunity to introduce, sell and export cultural and tourism products of Iran.


  • Exhibition date 

Due to the more favorable weather and the opportunity for travelers to take advantage of the last days of summer vacation, the second half of September every year has been designated as the time to hold the exhibition.

The date of the first exhibition: 2022 September 5-8

Location: Kish Island


days to exhibition opening The first exhibition of the Iranian culture history
شروع ثبت نام
پایان ثبت نام
start date
end date
visit time
16:00 to 22:00
Kish Island
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Exhibition Organizer
Mohadeseh Vahidimehr
0098 21 4437 2231- 0098 912 830 7123
Sateen, Inst.Unit 1004, sixth floor,Science and Culture University, Ashrafi Isfahani Blvd, Tehran, Iran.